Education on B.O.T. Basis
Computer Literacy Program
We offer I.T. education on B.O.T. basis to many educational institutes.
In this scheme all I.T. infrastructure including computers, printers, internet connectivity, teaching staff is our responsibility means we will do all these investments and only space will be provided by the customer.
We will recruit trained teaching staffs as per the customer requirement, We will conduct classes at customer place (school, colleges institute class room). We will teach students as per the customer curriculum (e.g. secondary, higher secondary I.T. curriculum) we will also conduct exams for the customer and submit the report. We will also train some of customer staff to provide teaching to the students on their own after our contract period is over.
We will charge to the customer per student per month basis. The benefit of this scheme is customer (school/colleges) don't have to do huge investment for their I.T. education but to collect a monthly nominal fee from the students.
Apart from this we will handover all this I.T. infrastructure to the customer (school, colleges) absolutely free of cost after the contract period is over. There fore customer have to do this contract once so that after our contract period is over, customer (School, Colleges, Institute) will have all I.T. infrastructure ready with teaching staff to cater their further I.T. Training.
Digital documentation services on B.O.T.
Maintaining archival documents is a real headache for every organization. Documents can be in many types and formats, e.g. engineering drawings, legal documents and many such valuable documentation is available with every organization.
Documenting these information is not the only an important task for an organization but even physical handling and storage of these files is also a huge headache. Digitization is the only solution to this problem but without an efficient software solution the Digitization process becomes very complicated. Another challenge is to handle the digital documents which already exist.
We have designed a special Digital documentation process to cater to the complex needs of the digitization.
Document Formats:
Digital documentation can handle various types of files like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and all other images files like JPG, BMP, TIFF, DWG etc.
Data Processing:
Skillful handling of data by excellent Time Data Services can insulates you from committing resources or day to day challenges of maintaining the huge data entry volumes.
Services includes
  Data Capture
Online data entry services will accelerate your business processes by collecting paper documents and turning them into accurate information for your business application and databases. Accuracy for our data entry services is 99.9%.
Scanning and Imaging
We provide quality-scanning solutions for all your imaging needs. Our capabilities include low-cost, high capacity offshore services to key directly from scanned images.
Data Keying
We ensure a repeated entry process to get 99.99% accuracy. This process is mostly adopted for the jobs like Check Processing, Financial documents like bills ,Reports, all type of financial Claims etc.
To increase data entry of variety of Hand Written data we have databases and tools like Zip code identifier & Phonetic tools for verifying names of the people.
Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
Utilizing the latest OCR software provides easy application of these technologies for every document type to ensure the fastest, most accurate recognition.
We have the delivering capacity of 15 to 25k A4 Size documents in 24 Hrs through OCR Cleanup and Formatting to different outputs like Doc, PDF, XML etc.
Forms Processing
Quality Time Data Services deals with both structured versions or customized forms, faxes and scanned images Types of forms that can be processed are insurance Claims, Tax Claims, Check Processing, Mortgage Processing, E-Mail Processing etc.
Our expertise in all of these fields allows us the flexibility and resources to tackle any project.