Connectivity and Enterprise Services:
We are a leaders in AMC/FMS services, we have more than 5000+ desktops, Laptops and peripherals under FMS/AMC. We have a large client base spread across various locations in Maharashtra, Vizag, Kochi etc.
DC/DR and Cloud Consultancy Service
We have setup DC/DR for many customers. We provide design services for Cloud and Migration strategies for Digital Transformation.
Backup/Restore Services
We provide capex/opex based backup and restore solutions. This is a proven solution with incremental/continuous backup which is the best way to keep data secure.
Authorised Service Provider
We are authorised service providers for following brands:-
1. HP
2. Acer
3. Samsung
Biometric Attendance Services
We have installed base of more than 30000+ biometric devices which is LAN/GPRS based. We also provide AADHAR based Biometric Attendance System.

We provide monthly data collection and attendance generation services to various clients.

For 3D CAD/CAM design services
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